Write a Paragraph On Mother For Class Five #3


Write a Paragraph On Mother For Class Five #3

Mother  word is inseparable to every Human being. The most sweet word is called Mother. We can not live in this beautiful world without caring of mother.  Mother not only give birth but also take full responsibility to look after us. I love my mother very much. Mother wake me up every morning and prepared my breakfast help me prepare my tifin box and sent me school. I listen every morning mother reads the holy Quran. After finishing reading it she went to kitchen and make nice and tasty breakfast for us. Mother washed my clothes. Some times mother went to market and buy for me chocolate. I love my mother very much.  After returning from school I took bath then eat lunch with my mother. Mother everyday cooked for us delicious food. We all loved our mother. Some times mother got tired for many work . I helped mother preparing kitchen room neat and clean.  Some times I learned from mother how to cook. Yesterday mother made us nice smell cake.  We all loved eating cake. At the night mother sit down besides me and watched me reading . She helped me prepare my homework. Mother never scolded me even I do wrong. She always teach me how to become good person. Mother teach me to respect elders and loved younger. Some times mother get sick for over worked. That moment I helped cooking rice , vegetable’s and brings medicine for mother. Mother very seldom become tired. I hardly see mother take rest at the day. Some times I feel surprised to see mother energy. She has no problems for doing all house hold work alone. I and mom some times went out for walking at the evening. Mother always take care of me and our house . I loved to chat with mom while walking at the evening. Mother told me to become a doctor. So that’s why I am studying hard. I want to serve poor people . Mother told me if I can become doctor, she would become very happy in her life. I also wanted to become a good mother like my mom. I prayed to almighty to give my mom a sound health and sound mind. I can not live a single day without my mother.

এই প্যারাগ্রাফ ইংরেজিতে শুনতে চাইলে নিচের বাটনে ক্লিক করুন

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